Law Office Technology

Office Technology for a Law Office

A lawyer’s office has to
contend with a daunting amount of issues including security (for obvious reasons) connectivity and stability. An office with multiple computers but no network is unthinkable in todays market. Connecting the computers, printers, and other digital equipment in your office lets you do more with the same resources, enabling file, printer, and Internet connection sharing and keeping valuable resources at everyone’s fingertips. A network can also help structure workflow in your office and automate chores such as backing up your data. Networks can be complicated to assemble and maintain, and there are a few things you should ask yourself before purchasing equipment and setting it up.

Planning your network is critical and you should consider not only the documentation and information that you’ll be sharing but also how you’ll be protecting that information from others.

  • Do you work with video and audio files?

  • How do you do research and process data?

  • Consider also the software that you’ll be running.

  • Is the system scalable?

  • What about portable handheld devices and remote access to your information.

You should consider not only how you’ll connect the computers in your office to each other but also how these computers will connect to the Internet.

Make sure your Internet service delivers enough bandwidth to your employees for them to fully utilize the Internet in their daily work. If you’re running a Web server or VPN services on your network, you may even need multiple high-speed connections.

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