Acknowledgement of Paternity in Ukraine: Legal Aspects

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Modern development of the world is marked by active human migration. People are actively moving around the world, start new relationships, sometimes contract formal marriages, give birth to children etc.

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Setting Up a Business in Canada

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Canada enjoys the benefit of being a bilingual (English and French) nation, and having two distinct legal heritages. In Quebec the Civil Code governs civil matters and the rest of

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When to Go For It: The Duty of Loyalty

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First a phone call, then a lunch meeting, the next thing you know you’re getting the offer of a lifetime. Can you take it? This is a question that often

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Anatomy of a Law Suit in Ontario, Canada

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By Bruce Marks, Marks & Marks LLP Ontario enjoys a sophisticated legal system and a well educated judiciary which results in a somewhat predictable litigation process. The article which follows

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